About Us

About Us

Is a socially responsible fashion brand, committed to preserving the legacy of Guatemalan artisans, through the training, production, awareness and economic growth of artisans.

Our brand seeks to create modern products by incorporating unique designs, all of which are made by hand by Guatemalan artisans. The brand strives to promote fair and direct trade with the artisans, all of whom are involved in the creative process of our products.


To create unique, high quality products that stand apart in the world of fashion, thereby through the conscious sales of these products, helping to preserve the culture, legacy and tradition of Guatemalan artisans.

We at Morena Collective are committed to promoting the development of our artisans, being the search engine for new and better opportunities in both national and international markets.


At Morena Collective, we want to be the driving force that incentivizes our artisans to continue growing and bettering themselves, to be able to incentivize intellectual, physical and economic development in all of our artisans and their families.

We look to change the buying tendencies of the marketplace, to raise awareness and inform our clients that fair and direct trade promotes the development of the families of our artisans at Morena Collective.

We want to create loyalty with our customers through the true and sincere transmission of who is behind the creation of each product.

Of the utmost importance for us at Morena Collective is an atmosphere of confidence, conducive for artisans so that they feel free to express their ideas without the fear of being heard.

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