I’m Lesly Aguilar Guzmán, the founder and designer of Morena Collective, and I’m proud with all my heart to be Guatemalan. I was born in a small, picturesque town in the Guatemalan Highlands called Panajachel, situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Atitlan.

Part of my family lineage is Maya Kakchiquel, it is therefore that I find it important to preserve my roots through the use of new digital technologies to promote a fair and direct trade with artesans in my country.

Being surrounded by so many colors, tradicions, customs and fabrics made me think about what I could do to preserve the artisanal Guatemalan legacy, given that the new generations are less and less interested in artisanal traditions, causing large migrations to big cities in search of better job opportunities, leaving behind their cultural legacy.

During part of my education abroad, I realized that Guatemala was not very well known. Many even believed it was a place in Mexico, further incentivizing me to make Guatemala known to the world through its generous and hardworking people who are always seeking to give the best of themselves in order to survive and make a living.

This is how the idea of Morena Collective came to be, a name arising from my roots of being brown skinned, outgoing, without fear of trying and always ready to help.

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